• Dec312019

    How Other Christians Are Crossing Over!

    Over here, we are crossing over in grand styles. The hype is so malignant that, anyone who is unable to go to church tonight will feel so left out. Yet,…

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  • Dec072019

    God, You, And The Hysteria of 31st December.

    This may surprise you, but God may not do anything new on 31st December for you. In Christ, any day could be a special day, so God does not need…

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  • Oct122018

    Too Late to Pray?

    Most Christians forget that there would be days in their lives when it will be too late to pray. Able never spoke, but suddenly found his voice after death. But,…

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  • Sep092018

    To Be or Not To Be?

    To be or not to be? To be happy or sad, to be ebullient or doleful, to be passionate or moody? To be or not to be is the quest…

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  • Apr212018

    Drink From Gods Well

    I learnt this the hard way; men, even the anointed can only be of help for a brief time. But this is never enough, and you may have to go…

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