God, You, And The Hysteria of 31st December.

God, You, And The Hysteria of 31st December.
December 7, 2019 drohenebaanyaniboadum

This may surprise you, but God may not do anything new on 31st December for you. In Christ, any day could be a special day, so God does not need to wait till new year’s eve before answering your prayer. He has not been waiting since January 1st 2019, to do that remarkable thing for you at this crossover, roll-over, jump-over or leap-over event. Is it a scam? No! It’s not! It’s a good way to end your year, and I recommend it. However, God will meet with you there, just as He would with any other meeting.

The prophecies some prophets will speak at this new year’s eve, can be spoken at any time during the year. They have chosen to say them on this day, but it never means God waited to say them on that eve of the new year. They rather, waited to hear them on that day. The associated hypes of these services may be unnecessary. Most of the people that troop to our churches never return and we are unable to keep up with most of them, till another 31st watch night. Many of these excesses are simply ministerial and marketing preferences, but my message is this; God has not been waiting all these 364 days only to give you that sure – banker  on 31st night. No!

In Christ, any day could be a sure – banker for you. He owns times and seasons and can change them for you (Dan 2:21). He will not wait for over 300 days to do you a favor because your pastor has a special service planned for 31st.  God’s agenda is bigger than the ego of any pastor and He is not waiting on our special programs before He blesses His own. Whatever you’re trusting God for, He can do it on any day and not be boxed into a sensational end of year service.

For most churches all over the country, between our id, egos and traditions, we will mount not less than 1000 billboards, averaging between 1000 – 2000 Ghanaian cedis each ($200-$400), culminating in a whopping total between $200,000 – $400,000 or more. After which we will tear them down and reprint new ones with the 2020 theme. Maybe we can rethink this 31st watch night, a.k.a., crossover, roll-over, leap-over, change-baton frenzy. Maybe we could decide to tone down a bit on these, and do something different for our communities…build some more hospitals, schools or houses for the less privileged or feed some homeless people. Maybe! Oh wait! Some are doing that already… Yet, still maybe, we could rethink these!

Happy crossover, leap-over, jump-over, roll-over, or whatever you may call it. It doesn’t change God and does not guarantee any special miracles per se. Receive that miracle today in Jesus name. Amen!

Photo: Jesus Generation Ministries (Mercy Seat Cathedral)


Comments (19)

  1. Chief Boadum 5 years ago

    God bless you. You have spoken truth, with clarity and wisdom. Thank you Dr.

    • Author
      drohenebaanyaniboadum 5 years ago

      Blessings Pastor Dr. Chief

  2. Kojo apea-kubi 5 years ago

    brilliant piece. May God bless you. Thanks.

    • Author
      drohenebaanyaniboadum 5 years ago

      Thank you my professor Dr. Kojo

  3. Kessi junior 5 years ago

    Hmmm words of wisdom

    • Author
      drohenebaanyaniboadum 5 years ago

      Thanks my billionaire son KJ

  4. Dr Coomson 5 years ago

    Time indeed is a continuum, which we humans have divided as we wish but God owns time itself and is not limited by times and seasons.

    Spot on, we have to be hot and ready at all times and know God is capable every single day and any point in time

    Good richly bless you for this exposition.

    • Author
      drohenebaanyaniboadum 5 years ago

      Amen and amen my superintendent medic and brother…

  5. Angela Teteki Mireku 5 years ago

    It’s a word. God bless you my Bishop.

    • Author
      drohenebaanyaniboadum 5 years ago

      Amen Angie… You are for signs and wonders.

  6. RICHMOND DUAFAH 5 years ago

    This is amazingly awesome

    • Author
      drohenebaanyaniboadum 5 years ago

      Thanks apostle Richmond. Blessings

  7. Ethel 5 years ago

    Amen Rev!!! You couldn’t have put it any better! God bless you!!!

    • Author
      drohenebaanyaniboadum 5 years ago

      Amen Woman of God. Blessings

  8. Doreen Nelson-Ayifah 5 years ago

    This is perfect. God bless you pastor!

    • Author
      drohenebaanyaniboadum 5 years ago

      Thanks Dr. Doreen. Great blessings

  9. Frederick Osei Baffour 5 years ago

    Well said Osofo, our God is not time bound. He can work miracles in our lives any day, hour, minute, and even in seconds.

    God richly bless you for this timely message

  10. Comforter 3 years ago

    Insightful Dr, you are a blessing!

  11. Akomea-Mensah 3 years ago

    God bless you for this nice piece. God is always with us.

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