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  • We Are Not Celebrities


    I had seen him before, but did not take too much notice of him. Listening to him teach was promising.…

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  • Move!


    You could be wasting away and not know. The speed with which the earth revolves, and how time moves, are…

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  • Sartorial Sins, Buttocks, “Monkeys,” and the Hypocrisy of the World.


    That this world is perverse is a no-brainer, all can see alike (can they?). Yet, the plight of it is…

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  • Make Room or Lose


    Declutter your mental wholesale or risk losing life-changing moments. There are those groups of people among us who will always…

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  • The Race to Our Deaths

    As much as I wouldn’t want to sound pessimistic, it is inevitable for me not to consider this purview of…

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  • To Be or Not To Be?

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    To be or not to be? To be happy or sad, to be ebullient or doleful, to be passionate or…

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  • Left, Right or Forward – Our Blind Date with Unipolarity


    I wish I was 20 again, so I could know to do better. I wish I was 30 again, then…

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  • How Other Christians Are Crossing Over!


    Over here, we are crossing over in grand styles. The hype is so malignant that, anyone who is unable to…

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  • God, You, And The Hysteria of 31st December.


    This may surprise you, but God may not do anything new on 31st December for you. In Christ, any day…

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  • Too Late to Pray?

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    Most Christians forget that there would be days in their lives when it will be too late to pray. Able…

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