Let’s Vault Over Average

Let’s Vault Over Average
November 23, 2017 drohenebaanyaniboadum

I hate to be average

I hate not to be impactful

I mark my years and see my gain

In my sight they appear meager

Yet men speak so highly

And the more I wonder, by what they measure

Again, their praise to others have been their end

And so a deaf ear I turn to these

Anticipating one day, that I may vault over average

I must use the night – my dearest companion

Although a child of light, yet with darkness I stroll

That I may gain while others dream

At night I read that by day I’d lead

At night I pray that by day I’d prophesy

At night I discern that by day I may declare

And yet to these my soul is restive

To which I ask what then seek thee

To this he answers,”That I may know Him” is my primary duty

And should I fail in this and build a thousand mansions, a mega church, a train of schools and mission hospitals

Still my soul laments my loss

Excellence I will strive for – Candor I will maintain

And hope that my diligence meets the season of great reward

Till then my enemy – average and his companions; comfort, complacency and pride, dear Lord, grant me grace to eschew, amen.

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Comments (3)

  1. sarcollema 6 years ago

    a most wonderful piece from a wonderful man of a GREAT GOD

  2. Nana 3 years ago

    Bishop, this is so powerful and inspirational. Spot on!
    A God honoring life full of excellence is our goal. Lord help me.

  3. Robert 3 years ago

    Deep and insightful message. A must read message

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