“The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.” Psalm 68:11

We are glad to be part of this company – publishers of the word of the Lord, and pray that the Word of God delivered from this ministry becomes a testimony you can share with friends and family.


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Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’

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  • Mar192020

    Left, Right or Forward – Our Blind Date with Unipolarity

    I wish I was 20 again, so I could know to do better. I wish I was 30 again, then I’d have been smarter. I wish I could be 40 for just a year, and there dare my mind those decisions again. But such is the enigma of…

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  • Dec312019

    How Other Christians Are Crossing Over!

    Over here, we are crossing over in grand styles. The hype is so malignant that, anyone who is unable to go to church tonight will feel so left out. Yet, while we gloat over our hysterical crossing overs and leaping overs, throwing millions of dollars away in the…

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  • At a conference in Bicester United Kingdom (2015), Dr. Anyani-Boadum gave a word of knowledge concerning a man with hearing aids in both ears. I came forward to be prayed for. I had over 80% hearing loss in both ears and was diagnosed with profound hearing loss. But all that changed when Jesus and you ‘grabbed me.’ I instantly began to hear in both ears without the hearing aids.
  • There was this particular day that I felt like I was dying. I had been diagnosed with cancer already. Then I had heard about Glorious Spring Conference with Dr. Anyani-Boadum in Bicester. The Lord told me to attend the conference. I was prayed for and ministered to by the man of God, who said, “God is healing my blood,” and since then I have been healed till now. The doctors can't see anything in my blood and they have declared me cancer free. Hallelujah. Thank you JESUS
  • I had received my healing for difficulty in walking from one of Dr. Anyani-Boadum’s miracle services and decided to go and testify at a second meeting. Little did I know that God had another surprise for me. I had fractured my collar bone in the previous motor accident and still had significant pain and restricted movements. At the testimony line, the man of God spoke about the fracture of my collar bone describing a vision God showed him about me and after he prayed with me I received my healing.
    Madam Mary
  • I had a stroke for almost 2 years which affected my walking and speech. I was stuck with a walking frame and a cervical (neck) collar. At a miracle service, the man of God walked up to me and prayed with me, he then removed the neck collar and took away the walking aid, and I fell under the anointing. That was the beginning of my miracle as I walked on my own that day and spoke clearly ever since that glorious day. Amen.
    Mama Gifty
  • I was diagnosed of a heart condition (Cardiomyopathy) for four (4) years prior to my divine encounter. One Thursday evening Teaching service, Dr. called me and ministered God’s healing touch to me, and ever since I haven’t had the need to take any medication. A follow review by my doctor was the announcement of a miracle, after my echocardiogram revealed a perfectly normal heart. I’ve been since well for the past 4 years and counting. Glory to God!